a catedral do fado

A Catedral do Fado  (2017) is a commissioned portraiture project about a group of fado singers and their personal, musical and emotional connections to the Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria and the legendary fado sessions that have taken place in a venue that is widely known in  Lisbon’s traditional fado scene and among fado conneiseurs as “the Cathedral of Fado”. The portraits are on display in the renovated great hall of this historic neighbourhood association, located in an 18th century palace in the Travessa de Nazaré, on the upper side of Mouraria’s neighbourhood.

With Cristiano de Sousa, Catarina Silva Rosa, Fernando Jorge, Henriqueta Baptista, Vera Monteiro, Miguel Ramos, Ana Marta, Carlos Sobral, Conceição Ribeiro, Nelson Lemos, Pedro Galveias, Andreia Matias, Jaime Dias, Vítor Miranda and Rui Costa.