cuba in barcelona

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My PhD dissertation explored the relationship between migration, musical practices and urban experience, taking the elusive Cuban diaspora settled in the Spanish city of Barcelona as a case study. “Cubaneando in Barcelona. Music, Migration and Urban Experience” examined the role of music in creating new social spaces where migrants become visible (and clearly audible) both to themselves and to others. The results of long-term ethnographic fieldwork among Cubans living in Barcelona highlight the significance of music as a resource to develop new social spaces in which migrant groups and individuals can exercise their agency within and towards the “host” society. The case of the Cuban diaspora illustrates how the participation in certain musical practices affect the way migrants live and experience the new urban environment they inhabit. It also illustrate its impact on the social, cultural and musical life of the city, contributing to the material and symbolic transformation of a contemporary metropolis such as Barcelona. The dissertation was published as a book by CSIC Press.