I have always tried to integrate teaching and research in the different institutions I have worked in, both in Portugal and Spain. I taught a BA-level course of History of Popular Music at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (2007).  During my PhD I was occasionally invited to lecture on methodological and theoretical issues related to my own research in undergraduate anthropology courses at the University of Barcelona, summer courses and conferences elsewhere.

I have been teaching an undergraduate course of Popular Music Studies within the Bachelor in Music at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (since 2012). At the graduate level, I have lectured occasionally on the master degree program in Music and in two internationally competitive, research-based PhD programs at the aforementioned university: Music as Culture and Cognition (Music Department) and Politics and Images of Culture and Museology (Anthropology Department). I am currently teaching a course on “Anthopology of Sound” at a new postgraduate course on Acoustics and Sound Studies at the Universidade Nova that it is the first postgraduate program of its kind ever offered in Portugal.

I have also been supervising MA students at the Universidad Autónoma de México (Mexico) and both the Universidade de Aveiro and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal.